Fostex tweeter FT48D

Off the charts,, have no idea on price I just now 5 secs ago found it, while researching wide banders,, 
93db TRUE sens, 88hz-30khz..
Bet its over 500

Just made the Fostex discovery a  few minutes ago,.
This lab is the real deal.
Not all, like the woofers at below 85db sens. and no doubt very opricey,,
But this FT48D, at over 2 pounds, 
This tweet is going to deliver the goods.

12 inch, 12 lb, 95db sens.
WOW, did not think, nor even  imagine any such super woofer existed.
Hitting 60hz with 90!!!!!!db sens.
Dump your subs today, get a pair of these guys

A lot of automotive applications use Fostex too.

Morel has great domes..
Just get a pair of Altec Valencia's! The favorite speaker of the late Art Dudley! I owned a pair years ago and stupidly sold them!