fostex full rang p1000k

Hey! Just wondering if it would be possible to improve the sound of the woofers, the base is good, but the high tones are flat. Maybe iam asking to much from these drivers?
I've tried many types of amps with the same results.
I do use these drivers in a small room, but not near field.  thx
Not sure the size, but maybe experiment with the latest Foxtex full range drivers? They are on sale at Madisound.


Yah! What I'am thinking of doing, if its possible increasing the dbs from 10khz to 17+khz on a 7ohm full range woofer. A gradual 5db gain would be a good start))  pce,
Well, if you want to go completely off the reservation, how about a miniDSP plate amp? :)

Includes very versatile EQ capabilities.


By the way, consider taking your questions over to the DIYAudio forums. There's one just for "full-range"
I've given Robert a mod for the driver as well as an inexpensive tweeter to add on...
Center dustcap light dope to roll of top end and a AMT ribbon

Robert,  let us know how it goes.