Fostex 2001 VS Magnepan MG3 HELP!

I've got a dilemma and was wondering if anybody out there knows more then me (not hard). I've got an opportunity to buy (used) either the Magnepan MG3 or a Fostex 2001, both utilizing True Ribbon technology, the Fostex has a beautiful Rosewood sub-woofer and I've heard the MG3 is lacking in substantial bass, I would be playing mostly Rock music. Any clue which is the better speaker? Both are going for about 1,000.00 Thanks for any help.
You don't say whether it is the MG3 or MG3A. You would be surprised as how low the Maggies go. The reach down to 40 Hertz, which for the most part is all you may need. I am not familar with the Fostex. Are they still in production, can they be updated or repaired if needed. The Maggies can be! Magnapan offers repairs at a reasonable cost. They also sound great! I would go for the Maggies based on this variable. Well, I guess I have. I been a Maggie owner for the past 18 years.
This one is a no brainer. Fostwho? Don't they also make beer in Australia.
P.S. You can find a better deal if you shop around on the Maggies. They are usually sold for $750.