Fosgaye audionics model 4200

I bought this amp a few years back for a reasonable price. I've searched all over the Internet for spec sheets and any info what so ever to no avail. Its a 1 channel amp, the most I've been able to ascertain is that it's 400 watts into 1 channel. I'm seeking information to see if it would handle my Infinity Kappa 9s and if it has the capabilities to handle down to possibly 1-2 Ohms without doing it harm. As we all know Kappa9s are extremely hard on amps if they can't handle low impedance. The Kappa9s are the front speakers, kappa8s for the rear, I have an old school pair of paradigms(can't remember model #s early 90s) I planned on using for the middle speakers. I have a pair of Harman Kardon PA 2400s for the paradigms and Hafler 500 for the Infinity8s. Any information about the Fosgate amp would be much appreciated.