Fosgate surround sound processor model 3A

Any suggestions where to find a REMOTE and OPERATIONS MANUAL for Fosgate Digital Servo Surround Sound Processor Model 3A?
Thanks Tim. The link takes me to " find manuals" website not to the manual in question (Fosgate Audionics Model 3A).

What am I doing wrong?


     I think the Harman Kardon AVP1A processor is just a re-branded version of the Fosgate Audionics Model3A.  HK took over the Audionics line some years ago.  Here's a link for theAVP1A, look thru it to make sure it's the same as your Fosgate Audionics Model3:


     Just click on page 1 of the thumbnail images along the top of the page and you can scroll through the entire manual.
Hi Tim, Many thanks for this. I think HK AVP1 is same/similar to the Fosgate 3A.

Please do let me know if have any ideas on where I might find a remote for this unit.