Fosgate surround sound processor model 3A

Any suggestions where to find a REMOTE and OPERATIONS MANUAL for Fosgate Digital Servo Surround Sound Processor Model 3A?
Thanks Tim. The link takes me to " find manuals" website not to the manual in question (Fosgate Audionics Model 3A).

What am I doing wrong?


     I think the Harman Kardon AVP1A processor is just a re-branded version of the Fosgate Audionics Model3A.  HK took over the Audionics line some years ago.  Here's a link for theAVP1A, look thru it to make sure it's the same as your Fosgate Audionics Model3:


     Just click on page 1 of the thumbnail images along the top of the page and you can scroll through the entire manual.
Hi Tim, Many thanks for this. I think HK AVP1 is same/similar to the Fosgate 3A.

Please do let me know if have any ideas on where I might find a remote for this unit.

    You're welcome, I'll post again if I find the remote but you may want to ask HK if the AVP1 remote will work.
I did ask HK and AVP 1/1a remote might work. But they don't have one and unable to help further.
Hello Tim - I know it's been a month, but I just saw this post and thought I'd let you know that I have a Fosgate 3a with remote, original box, and manual.  They all work, though the unit's digital volume control no longer functions.  As you probably know it also has an analog control which works fine.  I know you're just looking for the remote, but any interest in the whole package?
So I just looked in my Fosgate 3a box and actually found I have 2 remotes; one for a model 3 and the other for the 3a.  If I remember correctly they both worked on the 3a (though the 3's buttons are very slightly different).  I'd be glad to test it if that's of interest.
Hi Rob - Yes, I am interested in the remote. Could you please test and check that 3 remote works with the 3a unit to determine whether all functions of 3a can be accessed from the 3 remote, or which functions are not accessible?

If I understand it correctly, the analog control you are referring to is to control the input level to keep the input source level largely within green LEDs, and is not really a volume control. I can be corrected.

Can we talk via phone directly to discuss other options and pricing?

Hi Vijay!  So I just put new batteries in both remotes and fired up the unit for the first time in probably 10 years.  Both remotes appear to be equivalent button-wise, though the 3 has different labels on some of the buttons.  All I can figure is that Fosgate changed the button's label, but the remote code for the button didn't change.  I'd post pictures of both remotes, but don't see a way to do that here.  Anyway, feel free to give me a ring at 703-862-3736 - I'm usually up until at least midnight.
I also have a Fosgate model three-A and do not have a remote.

Longshot, but does anyone have an extra remote ?