Forward Monitor with Detail Speed and liquid Highs

Want some advice on a set on monitor speakers. I have tried a ton of speakers trying to get something that I can settle on. Dunlavy SC-I, Dynaudio 40, Totem Mite Dreamcatcher Arro, Quad 11L, Ohm Walsh Micro Tall, Epos ELS-3, Zu Druid, MMG to name a few. The few of these that stand out are the Dunlavy (loved them) and the Epos ELS-3 (really special for the price).

I have my eyes out for a set of Dunlavy's but it may be awhile before I can get a set. In the mean time I would like a set of speakers that will keep me happy. I really love detail and a speaker that can disappear. I guess I like the "front row" presentation.

I'd like help putting together a short list of speakers with tremendous detail and the ability to disappear. Here is what I have.

Low end:

Usher S-520
Epos ELS-3
Triangle Stella

Higher End:

Tyler Taylo Mini Reference
Mark & Daniel Ruby
Usher BE-718
Totem Model One

I have plenty of power 150w integrated and am using the system in a small room. The problem with the Zu Druids and the MMGs is that they overpowered the room. I'm pretty sure any floor stander is going to be too much for the space or I would consider the Gallo Ref 3.1. I even have my concerns about the Usher BE-718 because of the amount of bass I have read it puts out. Quads and Ohms were too laid back for me. Dynaudio were a little thin, but I'm sure as I moved up the line they would get much better. I want a liquid detail, speed, accuracy.

Any recommendations or opinions on the above speakers would be great.
How big is your room?

Room is 12x11. Speakers are 1 foot from left wall, 4 feet frint right wall., 7 feet apart and 1-2 feet front frint wall. Room has a lot of furniture in it. Bed, desk, book shelf. Carpeted with a small window on rear wall and a 46 " tv above and between the speakers. Not idea I know. I think the room leands Tony desire for a quick, transparent speaker. Amp us Dussun v6i.
Harbeths are really good..smooth but more laid back than you may want.. Totem One more forward but less smooth.
Ohm is making an SE version of the MicroWalsh Tall (sells for $1400/pr). If you ask for it with the "European Voicing" the sound will be bright and very detailed. This version was too bright for my taste but it may be to your liking. I'm surprised the MMG's didn't work. They're fairly bass shy. Maybe you didn't have the right placement.

The Mark & Daniels will likely have too much bass for your room. Good Luck!
ATC SCM 19 may work for you. Front row presentation sealed box with little bass extension compared to most other monitors (which will be ported). Critically damped design. Definitely NOT laid back. Good impulse response - particularly good on percussion. The DAL SC-I had a great impulse response and phase response too...
I have not heard all the speakers you mention, ut I have heard most of them. I selected the Ushers and my vote goes to them-they are front ported so they shouldnt over load your room (in my experience its rear ported speakers are more difficult to place.) and the upper end is very musical. The front row perspective is dependent upon the sorce material, in my system, but when the recording is front row-the Ushers provide the correct staging. The resolution is excellent. And, the more resolving the front end gear, the more the Ushers can do their thing so you can upgrade your gear without upgrading the speakers too. Good luck.
If you have a chance to demo some Dynaudio Contour 1.4's - Special 25's or C1's I think you would like them much better than the 40's. I have the C1's and the speed - detail and transparency is fantastic. Best high's I have ever heard. Great sound stage and depth. I also have a sub which really helps.
Proac D1s fit your description exactly. You will not be disappointed.
+1 on the C1's. I was really surprised how big they sounded and how detailed. Out of my wallet range though.
OK- I don't get how the Druids 'overpowered the room'. Isn't that a function of the volume control?? Did they work OK if you kept the volume lower?

Also, the P7 monitor from High Emotion Audio

is one of the most revealing monitors made. It is easy to drive and is honest to 40Hz, with a *very* wide sweet spot.
The Zus overpowered the room because the are so big that I could not sit far enough away to allow the driver and tweeter to integrate. I alsofound that they need to be played loud to get the dynamics going.
Mailman199, I see. I've used the High Emotion Audio P7 as a monitor and it integrates easily with only 2-3 feet. It is one of the fastest and detailed monitors I've heard, and it is also relaxed. What is fun about it is that it is more detailed than the best ESLs, so its possible to create reference quality sound in a small space. They don't need a lot of power and are quite compact.