Hello Audiogon Admins,

is there any plans to upgrade this forum.
something similar or same as - more modern forum/community product used by

Funny that this request comes from a member with very little forum activity.

i have been told that an upgrade to the site is in the works but not sure when it will happen and all that it will entail.
Hmm...seems to work as is.

Oh, we're guys, we want to fix it, because it ain't broke.
Members on-line. 
Ability to turn off annoying spell check "feature".
Members on-line.
Ability to turn off annoying spell check "feature".

 is that part of the upgrade ?
I think that was just his " wishlist" for any future upgrade.

Why not just message admin directly?
They are usually fairly responsive.
That's what I would like to see. What we will likely get, if anything... recently my credit union closed down Bill Pay for an upgrade. The "upgrade" was entirely cosmetic. Before, everything to fit on one page. Everyone you paid, every payment you made, every payment you had scheduled to make. Your balance. Everything at a glance on one page. The "upgrade" spread everything out onto many pages so now you can't even see your scheduled payments without clicking through them month by month. 

Expect something like that. Only worse.
Expect something like that. Only worse.

oh, I can hardly wait .

all I have heard is that what ever they are using now, they are leaving that and going to google.

when this upgrade is to take place...that I dont know.
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'we need a upgrade so we can capture quotes from other posts "

mozartfan-you already have the ability-copy and paste. 
 This site has spellcheck?  Smells like mothballs then, not too many people seem to use it....
Has there ever been a website upgrade? Anywhere. I have a feeling all are like millercarbon's example above.

I did flunk Latin like a pig. I did pass later, though.

What we need is to be able to incorporate and display photos in posts.

Then we could scroll down through acres of visuals to get to the next post.

A “block” function would be nice... 

And the spell check sucks...

how many thread titles are “B& amp W” speakers, or “B& amp K”...
ahh ok you mean like this
mozartfan-you already have the ability-copy and paste.

forgot how highlight/copy/paste works.
"What we need is to be able to incorporate and display photos in posts."
Do you really want to scroll through the endless shirtless selfies of aging men?
I hate those endless scrolling forums. Drives me nuts. But yeah, pics of various memes would be...amusing?
it does matter how much activity a member has.
some folks might read a lot rather than write.
even pictures cannot be posted.
its no brainer that this forum needs an upgrade.
whether its possible or not is the only question
Maybe after an upgrade posters will start actually trying to help one another learn rather than engaging the routine dominance/elitism battles that break out in every thread. Sigh...