Forty Licks

If you get an opportunity, you really owe it to yourself to demo the Rolling Stones "40 Licks" on a top notch system. Of course, there is only one appropriate volume setting - LOUD. And the larger the image the better. (92" did it for me) If you can get past this, all the better. There's something about belting out "Jumping Jack Flash" at the top of your lungs that is a strangely exhilirating experience.

It's what keeps us in the game...
Of course, my wife is preparing to have me committed... YMMV. Rock on! :o)
It helped me decide to sell my B&W 801's and move to the Nautilus 802's at my local dealer. Wow is it the best they could ever sound on those 2 remastered discs, my friends agree to.
I like Bigmouth (the band) better.