Forte Model 55 Amp

Anybody know anything about this amp? I did email Jon Soderberg and am waiting for his reply...but I think it's interesting that I can find almost nothing anywhere about this particular model other than the bluebook listing here. FYI in my somewhat modest system the amp sounds GREAT...(Adcom GFP 715, Silverline Preludes, REL Q150E sub). Anything leading me to a detailed list of specs or whatever would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I saw it at a great price on the used board too, but passed on it because I knew nothing about it. Having owned the model 4a, which was Class A, I knew it wouldn't be as good so I passed on it. It's sold now.
Sold to me actually. No clue if it's as good as the Class A but if it was any better my head would explode with excess happiness. Like I said...there are NO REVIEWS or comparisons I can find anywhere. It's built like a tank and Soderberg, at least in his inital response to me regarding mods, says it's the last if the Forte' amps and doesn't use the IBGT transistors. That is supposedly a good thing. It's also not in the standard Forte''s tall and shallow (like me) and not short and deep (like Paul Simon). I'll have to find somebody near me who has a Forte' Class A in similar (near perfect) shape as this amp and do a comparison so I don't continue to perhaps mistakenly enjoy this thing so much...
HI,Wolf.I do not know much about the model 55.But forte was a little bit less expensive amp made, by threshold.The most important fact is are you happy with your purchase.If the forte sounds any where near as good as threshold you have made a good purchase.
I have found plenty of general info on the Threshold/Forte' connection...Forte's were a LOT less expensive than Threshold amps. I just can't find anything specific to this model such as a list of specs. ANYTHING!Also, I personally would not buy an older class A amp as it seems risky to use gear that has been baking in class A heat for years. A restored one maybe, but so many great class A/B amps are out there along with well regarded class D stuff that won't cook itself.
I know that it is 100 watts per channel, class A/B, has single ended and balanced inputs. After that, I got nothin.
Yeah...I got another email from Soderberg verifying the "100 into 8" (170 or so into 4...the Bluebook here is vague, but I assumed amps are listed as "into 8 ohm"). Info is accumulating in dribs and drabs...bottom line is that in its current unmodified condition it is a monster amp...extremely high definition, sweet, uncluttered tone with plenty of cajones. Seems to match very well with my carefully selected inexpensive pile of electron manipulation devices. I suggest everyone run out and buy one of these amps..heh heh...
I myself just acquired one of these fine pieces of equipment. Would you mind sharing any relevant info you've gotten? I also have searched and found hardly anything...
You have a Forte' Model 55? So that's 2 confirmed ownerships. All I've found online is the info here in the Bluebook, and some conversations about other Forte' models. Soderberg did say in an email that these are the last gasp before Forte' "moved and closed" ('97 or something). Maybe they only made 2! I hope to get more info as time "sniffs like a beagle into the future".
Update...Jon Soderberg's latest email says the 55 was the LAST thing they made at Forte', and it was a run of maybe 100 amps. Explains the lack of info.
Is a incredible amp suett, defined and punchy.
Works fine in 4 Ohms.
To my taste better sounding than equivalent
Cool...although "amp suett" sounds like bird food. I appreciate the addition to the miniscule amount of Model 55 info I can find...I'm looking forward to another 10 months between posts to the thread, and, by the way, the "55" just keeps sounding better and better as I upgrade all the other components around it.
I have had one of these for, oh, about 12 years now. Searched high and low for info, but I do think I have a manual for it.
I will look and scan it if you need it emailed (assuming I really have it....)
I did send it to jon once to have it tweaked and cleaned.
I don't think I will ever get rid of it. I didn't realize it was so rare. I paired it with a Forte pre-amp and a Forte DAC, but the synergy didn't develop. Now I just drive the 55...
I'd really like to see the manual for the "55"...if you can email it to me, thanks in advance! I plan to send mine to Soderberg if I ever think it needs to sound better. I hope he stays in business for a while...
Hi folks. I just found this thread. I have a Forte Model 55 amp that I purchased 4 months ago. I'm moving next month into a smaller home and may sell all my stereo equipment and get one of those Geneva Sound Labs radios for my bedroom. Any info. regarding the Forte not already identified in this thread would be most appreciated.

had mine for about 12 years or so myself....blows away krell and others for 5 times as much...incredible depth , sweetness, bass....i have a virtually new krell kav250a...was bought aas a backup...never use it...can't listen to it after the 55....was a great idea to make threshold equipment for the masses /affordable, but alas, it really didn't work...great little amp!!! like a 55 chevy in primer gray that wipes up a tthe track....
To resurrect this thread a little. I own Forte 55 #055195 that I bought new in 1997 replacing a Hafler DH-200 I built in 1982. I must admit I didn't know a great deal about high-end equipment at the time but I recognized the Threshold/Pass connection. I have really enjoyed this amplifier. I use it to run some Polk SDA 2.3 speakers. It has been to the tech only once after it recently lost one of the bridge rectifiers; not bad for 17 years of service.
I loved that amp, but it had to go to make way for a tube amp...a clean and musical powerhouse of an amp, and a really appealing look.
I have a Forte Model 55 I may be willing to sell. Any interest?
I might be interested if you are still willing to sell . . .
Bringing this back from the dead AGAIN. I just received my Model 55 in an auction purchase. The serial number is #055604 and like most here, I have found little or nothing online for this model. I have also reached out to Jon for info and prices for servicing, thank goodness he's still around! The serial numbers posted previously suggest the the production numbers were higher UNLESS they didn't use consecutive numbering (for whatever reason). Anybody come across any info on the Fifty Five OR have any literature I can have a copy of???
As mentioned earlier, the "55" was late in the Forte line and consequently may have more normal output transistors instead of whatever the IGBT things are. I also had little luck in tracking down info on these (hence the original post) , but suffice to say I enjoyed the amp while I owned it.
Anybody know the original retail price for this unit???
I don't know about the forte' 55. I have owned the model 40 pre w/ phono and pair of model 7 monoblocks for 25yrs. Killer system w/ my Thiel 3.5s and now w/ a pair of ProAc  in a 2nd system.
Sat in their boxes for 20 of those years. The class A amps were the best! Could never bring myself to sell them. I still have some info on Model 4, 5 and 6 amps
Can anybody find a bluebook value for a Forte 55. I'm trying to make an insurance claim for a lightning strike.
If memory serves me correctly Nelson Pass was involved with its design. Maybe not but worth an email. 

Found this online:
Forte Model 55
  Balanced and un-balanced inputs. 
100w per channel X 2 (into 8 ohms) 
Retail: $1390 
Released 1994
From Jon Soderberg:The model 55 is somewhat of a step backwards in that it uses a bi-polar device like the model 3, but with a smaller power supply. An upgrade is a bit less, since it only has 2 caps in the power supply. $450 for cap replacement on the PCBs and power supply. I have heard some good reviews, I hope you are pleased with your forte.