Forte F 45 Preamp

Just acquired a Forte F45 preamp. I can find lots of information about the Forte F-44 but almost nothing about the F45. Interested in more info and the differences between the 44 and 45. Thanks.
Shaking my memory here, I could very wrong, but I seem to remember the F45 gaining remote control but losing the separate power supply.
Unsound, been shaking my memory as well, sounds like a half empty container of nuts and bolts. The difference you describe was going from F-40 to the F-44, however I'm clueless about the F-45.
The F45 has a remote (though I don't have it) and does not have an external power supply.
Does it have an input for an external power supply? I think the F-44 that came with out an external power supply, still had an input for one.
It has a single connector labelled " data bus " no idea what that is. the rest are rca and xlr ins and outs and a detachable power cord
Sorry Unsound, the F-44 had no option for an external power supply. Here is a manual for the F-44,

It does have the "data bus", and the manual states that is for the remote controlling other equipment, which doesn't make much sense looking at the buttons on the remote.

J135, I would send Jon Soderberg an email. If anyone would know, he would. He worked for Threshold during that time. Here is his website,