forte 3 crossover build

anyone willing to build crossovers from gr research klipsh forte 3 build

If you have the parts and schematic, try asking a local guitar shop if they can do or if they know someone...
So, GR Research will supply you the parts and schematic, all you have to do is wire it up? If true, you only need to develop soldering skills.

Don't you also have Crites and ALK Engineering to choose from?
I purchased Crites crossover for my Klipschorns some time ago, diy mods based off that crossover. Jupiter and Audyn caps, Jantzen inductors, Volti mid horns, diy baffle for tweeter, new drivers, all new wiring, etc, etc
Point being, more than one way to go for upgrade. I'll just say well worth it for my Klipschorns! All the best attributes and none of the liabilities of stock Klipschorns.