Looking for fellow Audiophiles, music Lovers, and diy Audio people in the Fort Worth , (and Dallas areas ) , who would like to get together - - - I live in Fort Worth and want to find like minded people to talk about audio equipment and share music , Kind Regards, Dean
fyi i just sent and email go but got a delivery failure notification? IS there an newer/updated email that I can send to in the future?


Jeff from Fort Worth here and making my official introduction to the group. I am in the midst of putting together and 2.1 channel system and found this thread in the process of it's acquisition. Very good to meet all of you and no doubt I will always have more questions than answers!

IF you guys/gals ever do meetups I would certainly like to visit and get to know you all. Take care and hope to hear from some or all of you soon!

Jeff S.
aka CokemachineGlow
I am in Lewisville and am new to the area also...maybe we can get together have a listen ...

How are you ,

I am in Plano , and would like to meet fellow music and equipment mined people.
I am doing well....where in plano do you live? would you like to talk

give me an email on here..