Forsell Statement Who and what are they?

I have heard about Forsell before, either from different reviews etc...A couple of days ago, I saw a Forsell transport, that looked massive in its designs and execution, so I became curious. Who and what are or WERE they? There is seems to be very little official information left over from their equipment. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Could be the best transport ever made. I believe the CD rides on a cushion of air. A friend of mine had one for awhile. And yes, it is massive. An incredible piece of equipment.
Simply the most musical transport ever made. Astonishing w/ the Forsell DAC, and if the rest of your entire system is up to it in all ways (a/c, room tuning/acoustics, and rest of "equipment"), even better w/ the Zanden DAC. I have both Forsell pieces, and a good friend has the Forsell/Zanden combo. You could contact Jay Bertrand at Bertrand Audio Imports, as he was the US Forsell importer. He might be able to help, if your SERIOUS.
There is also a Forsell Statement stereo amp, it's huge.
It was a Swedish company, run by a "mad" dentist. Unfortunately they went out of bussines.

There was a review in Stereophile written by JS a few years back.
Peter Forsell is now an extremely wealthy man, having sold his medical company and its ideas and innovations for an amount well over $100 million. A true audio sucess story which does not involve selling wires!!
Dr. Forsell has successfully revived Forsell Audio with incredible, world-renown pieces.
Read this review by Jonathan Skull in the 90s about the YBA 1000 passion mono blocks. In the review, Skull compares the YBA to the Forsell Statement amp and Boulder 2050 amp.