Forsell spares wanted

Does anyone know who may still be carrying parts to support Air Reference turntables, since the apparent demise of Mediphon AB. Urgently looking for gold plated air bearing.
You might try their former importer, Jay Bertrand, if you can get him (go to the Manufacturer Lookup for the address). If no one else responds, I have an address in Sweden at home which might still be good that I have kept in case something goes wrong with my digital transport, I can post that when I find it.
The last address I have was from a little over a year ago, so it may not work, but here goes:

FO Development AB; Ellipsvagen 11A; 141 75 Kungens Kurva; Sweden -- tel:011 46-8-647 00 80/fax: 011 46-8-6470080 -- e-mail is: -- Attention: Lennart Bergqvist.

Also, there is a US technician who repairs Forsell pieces--

Joe Laliberte C/O Ensemble; 28 Charron Ave, #7; Nashua, NH 03063; tel: 603 595-9871, ext. 203.

Maybe these can help. Seeing your e-mail address, you should try to find the former UK importer as well; Bertrand was the US importer. Good luck!
Thank you very much for the useful information. I will follow up, and let you know. If I can ever reciprocate , please let me know. Ken