Forsell DAC and transport the best?

I have a Forsell DAC and I have a chance to here it in my system with the Forsell Air bearing transport. A wonderful combination.The most muisical Digital system I have listen to in my system. BUT I have never have the opportunity to listen to more modern Digital front end like Wadia 861, DCS etc so I dont know if the modern tech with upsamling is better. Before I start looking for a used Forsell transport I wonder if anyone have owned this Forsell combination and have found anything better?
I have yet to hear a transport or standalone CDP that is as "analog" sounding as the Forsell (the only ones I've heard that come close are the CEC units), and their DAC, which I have not heard, is reputed to be the same kind of sound and was designed to work optimally with their transport. I think that, musically, there is almost nothing new out there that can top that combination (although I'd opt for the Audio Logic DAC I use); certainly no transport I've heard that can top the Forsell. You may not get the ultimate in resolution, but you'll be enjoying the music so much you won't care a bit.
Like Rcprince said above^, the Forsell is a major tour-de-force, if I did not get my CEC transport, I most certainly would have bought the Forsell MK2 for sale here on the Gon for 5.5K, which is a great deal. These transports when combined with a good dac (I prefer tubed) float a soundstage in a most musically convincing way. The words smooth, relaxed, expansive, easeful, somewhat warm, and very involving come to mind. Words alone cannot describe what I'm saying, but once you heard them (both) like me and few of my diehard vinyl buddies did, you won't worry about much else at all. Matter of fact I'm overdue on trying an upgrade from my modified Alpha DAC, two come to mind, tubed of course, just my tastes.
Thanks for answer. I agree with the description of the sound. its so smooth and relaxed and varm and you hear the details aswell. The music flows in a most natural and musical way.