Forsell Air Reference Mk 2 Worth buying?

I have the opportunity to buy an older Forsell Air Ref. Mk 2. It has been modified with an Well Tempered Reference Motor and has no flywheel. After reading as much as possible on the net about this turntable, I have found that it is an outstanding performer and a royal pain in the derriere.

Would like some guidance from those familiar with the turntable before I take the plunge! Bob
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For some reason, I always though this as a CD transport rather than a turntable. I have heard it in 1997 in a system costing > $60K and it sounded awesome. Is this the one you are referring to (Air series)?
I had one of the MKii a few years ago. The problem of the Forsell was the laser pick up could very easy to get a reading error, could be due to the air bearing. It's a great sounding trasport anyway. I had the CD transport with the DAC both from Forsell. I prefer the Forsell than Levinson's.
I am asking about the turntable which has air bearing and air linear tracking tonearm.
check out arthur salvatore website. Forsell was and remains one of his most favored tables. All air bearing linear arms are a little fidgety but my experience with the maplenoll tables proved the initial set up issues were well worth the efforts.
It is absolutely outstanding perfomer. I've got the Air Reference Limited Edition turntable about four years and consider it best piece of my system. Though I did replace the motor and done some adjustments on air piping. With right components - cartridge, wires, platform and stand it will give you the best possible sound quality. Good luck!
Thank you for responding Kosandr. I would like to know what adjustments did you make on the air piping. I understand that this is crucial to making the turntable work correctly. Which cartridge do you use with the Forsell? Bob
Do you have a manual for the Forsell?
Microstrip, yes I can email it to you. Let me know where.
Hi Bob, I used to have Dynavector VX-1S, but now I'm with Ortofon A90. Re piping: it came with adj valve for the platter only. I modified piping so the valve now can adjust the tonearm air. Its more important to minimize the air flow for arm. Also it came with little noisy motor... I did replace the motor and now it completely cilent. For the table support I am using the FIM large spikes settled on acrylic platform on top of the small custom made rack. Cheers, Andrew
could you please also email me the manual? Bob
Andrew..many thanks for sharing your manual with me.