Former Plinius 9200 owners.......

Plinius 9200 is on my shortlist. I wonder what is wrong with this amp as there are so many of them resaled?
Hi, I have the 9200 and I am satisfied with it. I bought it because it is a good match for shahinian speakers.I have noticed a few for sell but knowing how fickle audiophiles can be, I can understand why you see a few for sale . I would have liked more expensive separates but couldn't swing the cost. Many stereo junkies will do anything to obtain separates and that is fine if that's what you desire.Regards, Tim
Good luck.
I just got my plinius 9200 and I think it rocks.I had the 8150 that everyone loved and I have to say it was great but the 9200 blows it away.I have problem understanding why there is no talk about this great piece,I guess it's every ones lost
I find it strange as well because when the Plinius 8150 came out, it was on everyone's shortlist. When I was looking for an integrated at the time, that was the one to get. I did purchase it and still use it in a second system. However, I haven't heard much on the 9100 and the 9200 and don't know why.
Agreed on the lack of info on the 9*** series. Looking for a 8200 Mk II and they can't be found since everyone is pushing the newer models...
All I can say is that I am very happy with my Plinius 9200. I used to have a Conrad Johnson tube system and the Plinius gives up nothing. It is very powerful and has brought my Proacs to life. It almost sounds more tubelike than some tubes I've heard because it is so smooth. That coupled with no loss of resolution. A superb piece.
I have owned the Plinius 8100, 8150, 8200MKI, 8200MKII, and now own only the 9200. In my opinion the 9200 is easily the most magical model of the lot. I would also give the nod to the 9200; as compared to the sonics of the Plinius cd-lad and sa-100mkIII pre/amp combo.
I think the particular nature of the high-ender AUDIOPHILE AND GEAR-LOVER (let's use the right terminology for once) makes it an absolute must that a design be good-looking, and at least, inspire refinement. Have you looked at this 9200 amp? Points should be given to Plinius for originality, but otherwise, it is pretty ugly. Totally subjective of course, and I may be totally off the track, but big-buck gear need to INSPIRE.!!! Still, I would love to get my hands (and mostly ears) on one and see if the reality of it all matches the reputation.
I am now 3 weeks into listening to my 9200. So far I am quite impressed and it is nowhere near broken in. I will post more in a few weeks.
Hey Jwu42,

Any further impressions of Plinius 9200?