Former Doge 8 preamp owners weight in

I use the Doge 8 (which I love) and am considering an upgrade. I've spoken with Vic at Pacific Valve and he has steered me away from the Clarity, saying that the upgrade isn't worth it. I'd like to hear what former Doge 8 users have moved on to. I will buy used and tubed with a budget of around $2000. I have VAC 90 monos with phi upgrades. Thank you for any and all input.
First Sound Presence Deluxe mk III. No phono but clearly a superior unit. Much quieter, more dynamic, more musical, bigger soundstage. Build quality far surpasses the Doge.
Modwright LS-100 with phono option. Big stage, ultra dynamic octal 6SN7 tube sound. Mullard rectifier tube is a match made in heaven. This one's a keeper.