Former Cerious Technologies speaker cable users

I've been using the Graphene Matrix speaker cables for a number of years and have been very happy with them. Nevertheless I'm thinking about a change. I'd like to hear from folks who used these speaker cables and have moved on to something 'better'. I can spend up to $2000. Low  level detail and soundstage/ imaging are essential. Thanks very much.

How long are your current Matrix cables? I had an 8 foot set of Graphene Extreme biwire cables, and they were $1800.00. The Matrix that you have are more expensive, so I'm wondering how far 2k is going to go unless you have short cables.
Tellurium Cables are excellent. I own Cerious tech cables both ic and speaker cables
Owned all Cerious (Graphene Extreme, not the Matrix) - AES, RCA's, and speaker wire, which I enjoyed very much and preferred to the Anti-Cables  they replaced.   Heard about Audio Envy, gave them a try, now everything is AE.  Listening to the first track after changing everything, the first thought in my head was It's like opening a curtain between the listener and the system.  The latest is AE's ribbon speaker wire (SP11), bought about a month ago as longer runs were needed after moving system upstairs, which replaced their SP7.  While there are cables like Silversmith and others that pique interest, AE is the end game for me.
i found the cerious graphene ic’s i have very transparent without harshness, but they are not warm sounding, perhaps a skosh lean.. very nice soundstaging

very clear and calm sounding, no tizziness at all, impressive in these respects

i went back to copper cables to get a little more warmth
I recently rotated a few different types of speaker cables through my system and quickly  put the Matrix back in. I really don’t think I can beat these cables without spending an obscene amount of money. 
I went from the Matrix to Silversmith Fidelium. Works real well with my Persona 5f’s driven by Kismet reference monoblocks.  The wire design of the Silversmith can be a pain to layout but the Audioquest Fog lifters do a nice job of keeping them elevated.