Forgotten heavy bands from late 60's to early 70's

Have been a fan of hard rock/metal since high school. Always liked the heavy/physcadelic bands equally to the metal bands I grew up with Ozzy-Maiden and Scorpions ect. Recently on Youtube I discovered some heavy/physcadelic bands I was unaware of. 13th Floor Elevators-Five Day Rain-Probe Direction-The Hook and Vahalla. Are these bands albums worth persuing? Feel free to mention any other band that deserves to be heard. Look forward to your responses.
Roky Erickson (13th floor elevators) is IMHO one of the great, quirky artists to emerge at that time. I really love the way that he's rooted in the blues and how that lends substance to his music. There's a 2 disc compilation that covers a lot of the good stuff..otherwise you can pick up the individual releases and live with the bad as well as the good.

Moby Grape is the other name that immediately comes to mind, but their stuff, while good, never IMHO rises to the level of Roky's best work. You could also look at Iron Butterfly, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and a bunch of others that each have their own charm.

Caveat: Definitely not for every taste.

Here's some (on the more obscure side) heavy LP's I'd recommend you to check out for starters...from memory so hopefully correct...

Blue Cheer - Outside Inside (1968)
Bloodrock - same (1971)
Lucifers Friend - same (1970)
Pulse - same (1968)
Highway Robbery - same (1972)
Demian - same (1972)
Bolder Damn - Mourning (1971)
Night Sun - Mournin (1972)
Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come and same (1971-72)

...and if you dig this - also check Masters Of Reality - same (1988 i think)...
Terry Reid. A forgotten legend.
Some more familiar names from the early 70's:
Uriah Heep
Try Live, Demons and Wizards, the Magician's Birthday
Wishbone Ash
Try Argus and live Dates.
While not as acid drenched as 13th floor elevators, these two are definately very heavy. Uriah Heep Live is an all time classic and Wishbone Ash was one of the first bands to use a dual lead guitar approach which definately inspired Iron Maiden, Priest, etc.
Hawkwind and Spirit
Not a Heavy Metal band but a Heavy Classic Rock band, Spooky Tooth made a classic album, "Spooky Two", great album. That's the only one I can recommend. They put out others you might want to explore if you like Spooky Two.
I always thought Witchfinder General was pretty cool. They sounded a lot like Sabbath
-Stongly second the 1st Sir Lord Baltimore.
-1st Trettioariga Kriget (genius brain melting stuff)
-John McLaughlin - Devotion
-Patto 1st
-High Tide - Sea Shanties
-Budgie - 1st or Squawk
-Steamhammer - Speech, (also check out Armageddon)
-Captain Beyond
-Skid Row (w/ Gary Moore)
-Guru Guru - UFO
-Groundhogs - Split
-Pink Fairies - Never Neverland
-Deviants 3
-Ursa Major - Ursa Major (Dick Wagner before R&R Animal)
Fortunately there are lots of others... have fun hunting em' down!
Vanila Fudge...............
Crack the Sky "Live Sky"
Lord Sutch. There should be a law.
good one chayro...i used to have an 8-track (cutout) of Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends w/Nicky Hopkins & basically led zep minus plant backing him.
Pehare - It goes to show that the song is the key to great music. Take away the great songs and all you get is bad music played well. Reminds me of Rush.
Trapeze. Members went on to Deep Purple and Judas Priest. Medusa may be their best album.
Great call sonofjim! I may just have to play "Black Cloud" this evening.
The "Frost"
Iron Butterfly, Frigid Pink and the Frost as already mentioned a great group.
Some Detroit area bands to seek out for that time frame: Iggy and the Stooges "The Stooges" "Fun House" "Raw Power", MC5 "Kick out the Jams", Frigid Pink "Frigid Pink".
Atomic Rooster, "Atomic Rooster" and "Death Walks Behind You" ... killer stuff. Also check out Jade Warrior, though perhaps more avant garde than heavy. Also check out Man, "Live at the Padget Rooms, Penarth", "Christmas at the Patti", and "Maximum Darkness".
Yes to Jade Warrior!!
The name will not shock anyone, but Deep Purple. I only mention this because I dusted off/played their Shades of Deep Purple album last night. This is their lineup w/Nick Simper on bass, and Rod Evans on vocals. Although Jon's keyboards are easily distinguishable, it is very different than the mk. II lineup.
I found this to be an interesting listen. They do a version of I'm So Glad, which of course makes one think of CREAM. It's actually a Skip James tune, which I learned while reading the album cover. I really have to be in the mood for Made in Japan..., but Shades less so.
The new Small Faces reissues are brilliant
Iron Butterfly put out an album later in the 70's called Metamorphosis. This album was a sea change for them, different music than from their Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida days. Three of the four original members remained but they added two guitarists, one of whom played slide guitar. It retains the heavy sound but branches out in style and playing. The album has a picture of mountains with two coffins on one of the mountains.
I wouldn't call them forgotten (maybe not so well known in the US), but I have to mention Hawkwind. Space Ritual is the ultimate heavy psychedelic album.
Blue Cheer, Spirit, Love...all amazing and well ahead of their time from 1966 to 1969.
Thanx for the many great selections. Sir Lord Baltimore-Boulder Damn and Night Sun are great bands that I was unfamiliar with. Also discovered Armageddon-st-1975. If your familiar with Armageddon is it worth the effort and cost to obtain an import pressing?
Sir Lord Baltimore - Currently I'm re-reading Bill Graham's autobiography (No, not THAT Bill Graham!). A tremendous book that, without trying to, explains very clearly much of what's wrong with the American music industry today, but I digress. Here's a tale about Sir Lord Baltimore I just read last night: "Dee Anthony had a group called SLB booked into the Fillmore East. They were so awful. As we were moving their equipment, we found a book on how to play guitar on the gtr players amplifier. For the rest of the weekend, we kept asking him what page he was on".