Forgotten Film Scores

In my extensive soundtrack collection, I do have a few by film composer Ernst Gold. Recently I looked up his WIKI page and discovered his marriage to Marni Nixon (whose seamless voiceover’s include the film My Fair Lady) and R&R son, Andrew Gold.

A film Ernst Gold scored which I had also forgotten is On The Beach, now available on Youtube.

Gold’s score is centered around Waltzing Matilda - a well chosen theme given the film is about life in "Oz".

What a delight to once again hear this melodic score. I was so taken with it that I tracked down one of a few copies of the soundtrack offered for sale.

Anyone else have thought on a forgotten film score?
Hardly a forgotten film score, but speaking of Marni Nixon, don’t forget the singing voice of Maria (Natalie Wood) in “West Side Story”. I knew Marni and she was a wonderful singer with a surprisingly wide range; I played a Schoenberg “Pierrot Lunaire” with her once and she was excellent.

One that comes immediately to mind: “The Pawn Broker” starring Rod Steiger. Great score by Quincy Jones before he was “Q”. .

Speaking of Bernstein, a great (if sparse) sometimes forgotten (as much as Bernstein can be forgotten) score is “On the Waterfront” starring Brando.

Hey, how about “Black Beauty”? Danny Elfman score.
There was this one movie had the most beautiful film score of all time. Only problem is it really is forgotten.
I like the score in "Road to Perdition".
BTW, watched "On the Beach" a few weeks ago and thought it (the movie) quite chilling. The premise was totally absurd i.e. "O.K. Humanity. We were stupid enough to use nuclear weapons and we're all going to die in a few months so how do we make the best of it?" Trying to maximize utility to the bitter end.