Forgiving digital coax ?

I looking for a "forgiving" digital coax for Sonos application.

MSRP $100-$500.

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.
Whatever your problem is, a new digital cable probably won't fix anything. I could be wrong, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Before you spend any money, you may want to do some experimenting first. Any 75hom coax you have is essentially a digital IC. Most people have some laying around, so if you do, try it. Also, just try regular IC's. Technically, its a different cable and is not usually recommended for digital IC's, but they will work and won't damage anything. The idea is to see how much of an effect they have on SQ. If the differences are very small regardless of cable, you probably need to look elsewhere. If they do make a larger difference, even if it sounds worse, that may indicate a fix is possible. You'll just have to find the right one.
I agree with ZD. I would add that the sonic effects of a digital cable will depend on a complex and pretty much unpredictable set of relationships between its technical characteristics, including even its length, and those of both of the components it is connecting. So in general (and contrary to claims that may be made in some marketing literature) I would not attribute sonic characteristics such as "forgiving" to digital cables, as whatever sonic effects they may have will be different in different applications.

Depending on the results of the experiments ZD has suggested, you might consider (as he has often suggested) auditioning a few different cables via The Cable Company, preferably in a couple of different lengths. With one of those lengths being 1.5 meters, or a little more than that, as explained here.

-- Al
Excellent. Thanks, for the feedback..!
I have used a Black Cat Veloce and Transparent Premium (previous version) between Sonos Connect and Parasound Zdac with very good results.
I have tried a few different cables and have been happiest with Kimber AGDL between my Connect and Rega DAC.
Empirical Audio sells a digital coax for $250 which is 4 ft in length. Even though I can't compare it to other high quality coax, I highly recommend auditioning it. 30 day return. It was a huge upgrade in my system. And Al did not discourage me from buying it.
I picked up a Creative Cable Green Hornet; seems to do the trick - very smooth. Really fleshes-out the lower midrange frequencies in my rig.