Forgive my ignorance (vintage amp input question)...

I’m currently using (and am quite happy with) a vintage Accuphase E-303 integrated amp. I am wondering whether it might be possible to hook up an a/v source to one of the two DISC inputs. My CD is connected to the AUX, and the tuner to its natural input.

I assumed that the answer would be "no", but as I looked over the spec sheet, I wondered whether the amp might have been designed to allow a tape source into one of the DISC inputs, making it a line input (?).

In any case, I appreciate any insights, and here’s a link to the spec sheet.


Tony C.

EDIT – Well, I just tried using the TAPE 1 function (via DISC 1) with the CD player, and it works perfectly, so apparently there are at least three (and probably four) line inputs. Cool!

Should I have any concerns, or am I good to go?

Tony- Disc 1 and 2 are phono inputs. As such, they will provide a much higher level of gain than you should need, which may or may not be a problem in your particular set-up, but they also will overload easily with a line level signal (particularly when the head-amp is ON) and more importantly, will alter the tonality of the signal by passing it through the RIAA equalization circuit. 

So they will work with a line level signal  but will not preserve the proper tonality.
Ah, thank you. Odd that the CD sounded so good when I tested it.

How difficult would it be to modify one of the inputs to use as a second AUX?
Another question – and I may well remain confused – as it appears that the DISC channels were also designed for a TAPE function, would the same (gain and RIAA) issues hold true? In other words, is it possible that the amp is designed to defeat those issues by switching to a line level input when the tape function is engaged, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?



As swampwalker said in his post the disc inputs are phono inputs.

You do have two other line level inputs available on the amp though.

The two tape inputs RCA jacks on the rear panel. Tape 1 and tape 2.

Connect the AV source to one of the Tape inputs.

On the front panel press the monitor button you connected the AV source to. 1 or 2.

I notice there is a "Source" push button to the left of "2" and "1"

You may have to press, engage, this button as well. Not sure. The instructions in the Link below are vague.


Thanks very much. Actually, I had done just that, without fully thinking to through. So, when Tape 1 is engaged, the a/v source seems to work fine (and the "Source" button disengages). As you pointed out, there are actually are four line level inputs including the two Tape options.

No more interconnect flipping! Yay!

Pretty simple, in retrospect, but I obviously needed a bit of guidance.

Thanks to you both.

Tony C.