Forget Expensive Gel Absorbers

Its amazing how your mind works when your in the hobby! Walking through the hardware store I noticed the cheapest tweak yet! Look for ACE Hardware Wall Mount Door Stops ACE Part#51442. These are identical to the Sorbothane (or whatever) half globe gel feet supports that retail for a huge margin. I picked up 4 of these gel doorstops for $6.00!!!
They do a great job!

Have fun!
It's always fun, and sometimes a little disconcerting, to find tweaks at a fraction of the price that is charged for the identical "audio" version. Blu-Tak is another example: you can buy essentially the same product for less at OfficeMax or Office Depot, where it's marketed as stuff to stick posters to the wall.
Yes the so called "brotherhood" of audiophiles apparently ends when the manufacturers/dealers need gas for their Mercedes. $100 for $1 worth of product? No problem! There are plenty of suckers to go around! Keep shoveling! Alright, I know I sound bitter (but the above is still true). Anyway, thanks goodness for this site so we can "come together" (thanks John) and share our discoveries. Here's one: Go to the "musician's friend" website to find inexpensive foam treatment for your walls.
Apparently, musicians playing at full volume, can make do with panels costing 50% less than us peabrains er, audiofools uh, -philes happily pay. Rock on..
where are you using these doorstops?
$6?? I'm game. Thanks for the tip.
Your a sick puppy. Sorry but I have to go now. Ace closes in a half hour.
A sick puppy with extra cash!
I'm going tomorrow, this I gotta see. Thanks MH.
I have seen the cheap door stop/wall protectors.They may look similar to Audio Quest sorbothane feet but are made of totally different material.The door stops are a hard plastic that "give" just a bit.I never tried them but if you are looking for cheap feet try some hockey pucks.I think you will have better results.
While i'm always game for someone passing on knowledge, experience or savings, one must remember that just because something looks similar, that does NOT make it the same. Sorbothane has very specific characteristics that NO OTHER material can duplicate.

If you're looking for a good deal on sorbothane, this is the best price that i've found. While this is a direct link to their sorbothane products, this place carries other "goodies" that you might want to check out while you're there. Sean
Anybody hve any tips on isolation platform building?I think a lot of 'phile prices are BS.I know that an inner tube for a lawnmover whell can make an isolation box.But for more stabiliyt I was thinking that a few layers of hardwood with some sorbothane squares at the corners might be the trick for tube gear and 'tables.Still not sold on isolating SS stuff or CD players beyond cheap points or just a solid rack.Also read somwhere that maple is better than oak for building shelves and iso platforms.Any ideas?
Chazzbo: Do a search under both "isolation" and "platforms". I suspect from the length of these threads that some of the members had groups of monks helping them out with the posting.

Hey David99 these are not hard plastic and I'm not a moron! Check out the specific part number I listed, and if you think the rubber AudioQuest uses is "special".. fine keep waisting your money. Dont keep other from checking something out for themselves!!!
mhubbard,CHILL! The audio quest arent rubber btw and I dont own any anyway.I use BDR cones,v-pods and Bright Star Audio sand boxes.Maybe "Ace is the place" but if you want effective vib-control,good luck.
In all fairness I agree many tweaks are way over priced including sorbothane.Vibra-pods are a steal at $5-6 each.Sandboxes can be made for a few bucks and work as well as the "store bought" Have to remember about sorbothane, even though its pricey, that its made for vib-control/absorption.The door stops are made for,well....door stops and I'm sure they do a good job.
I have to admit your "ACE is the place" comment made me bust up!

I chilled, sorry if I seemed angry. I just feel these things did a good job at isolating my equipment.
Mhubbard: Do you also find yourself checking out the houseware sections of super markets and the toy sections of five and dimes (if you happen to be in them) for tweaks? I do, I will admit it. Art stores are also a great place to cruise. I have even used the little brass trim nuts (used to hold up old fashioned ceiling light fixtures) as spike and cone point protectors when having placed components on good furniture in the past. I am still looking for cheap and ready made (either ball or triangular shaped) reflectors to place in the living room corners at the ceiling (my wife is all for it if I paint them primary colors).
Im all for CHEAP! I bought some pillows from a 5 + dime cut them in half (triangle shaped ) removed a bit of stuffing and hot glued the seams together.They are now in my upper corners in my room.No doubt they did what I wanted.Less upper mid brightness/glare.Just be careful with the hot glue.It burns the skin like crazy!!! I had blisters on my fingers for days.Im gonna have to check out the "Ace-Pods" All I ever saw was the hard ones at Wal-Mart... I wonder if the hard ones "Wal-Pods" would work better than my BDR cones.
David: Did the hot glue hurt more than when you stepped barefoot on the Aleph? Also, are you related to Kublakahn in any way?
Dekay- The bottoms of ones feet are naturally tough.Probably from our ancestors who use to walk on hot coals at beer and pot parties.My hands are nurses hands.Frequent washing and lotioning.I pamper them!
To answer your question..when I stuck my bare (R) foot
on the (36 hours on) Aleph I kept it in place for several seconds before quickly removing my foot with a same time comment of "OH,SHIT!" When I was hot glueing the "corner tunes" there was a continuous scream throughout my glueing procedure.There is no comparison to the pain level,trust me.
Then I hope that the project didn't take more than an hour or so. LOL.