Forever speakers around $5000

Hi Audiogon! Your help has been invaluable in the past so I’m back yet again. I think I’m close to purchasing my forever speakers and am looking for recommendations of what to consider. Here are some qualities I’m looking for, in order of importance:

  1. Amazing soundstage. I really enjoy a speaker that can throw a BIG soundstage.
  2. Fun, slightly U-shaped frequency response.
  3. Tight, punchy, musical bass.
  4. Airy and clear high end, think Magnepan.
  5. Good R&D and technology. If I’m paying this much for a speaker, it better not just be a damn box with some bargain paper cone drivers in it.
  6. Nice looking. This is a speaker, first and foremost, but it is also a piece of furniture. It really does have to look nice (I hate to say it, but this probably disqualifies offerings from GoldenEar).
  7. Semi-compact. I like a speaker that has a good physical presence in the room (not too small) but not something massive like a Magnepan (been there already) or Wilson. I like units no more than 45" x 10" x 16" or so. Also cant weight a million pounds as we are still in a rental and will have to move these.

I currently own a pair of LSA 2.1 Signature floorstanders, which have certain qualities I like (soundstage/imaging due to rear firing tweeter, size/weight, U-shaped). But things I feel are missing (bass feels a bit loose, build quality could be better, feels very low tech with paper woofers and unbraced MDF cabinet). I listen to a wide range of music, mostly a lot of intimate jazz combos, some experimental electronic and IDM, funk, some rock, black metal, and a bit of classical.

Here are some speakers I have heard and liked:

  1. Magnepan MMG - amazing detail, imaging, mids and highs
  2. LSA 2.1 - for all their shortcomings, they check a lot of boxes
  3. Dynaudio Focus 20 XD - awesome balance and great bass for a standmount
  4. B&W CM10 - I really like this speaker, though I’ve seen some measurements that have turned me off
Speakers I have heard and were disappointed in:

  1. KEF LS50 - honestly seemed very shrill and shouty to me
  2. Martin Logan ESL - weirdly didnt get a great impression of these
  3. GoldenEar Triton 3 - not only ugly, but I found these a bit boring to listen to
So, any ideas? I'm willing to consider new or used (if it can be found somewhat easily) speakers around $5000. I can give more info if you have questions, thanks!
I owned the Salk HT3 for 5 years and it's one of the best sounding speakers I have heard. Highly recommended. I prefer the Cantons over the Salk. But you definitely can't go wrong with ANY of the Salk Speakers, very musical and great midrange and bass. 
I second the B&W 805d3. Stylish looks and with proper room placement and power they will check all your boxes. I have a pair in my office setup. Absolutely no need for sub. Enjoy the adventure. 
I have a pair of LSA 2.1 for sale if your interested in wonderful fidelity that compare to speakers above $5k.  I’ll give you the AudiogoNer price discount as well.
I have owned many open baffle speaker brands, none as satisfying as my Emerald Physics KCIIs with factory upgrades. They play all types of music extremely well, lacking only some deep bass, but, EP is moving their factory and have a few pair of their TOL 2.8s, normally $10K at 50% off including shipping
GoldenEar Triton One variants or used Triton Reference.

Tweeters are very revealing and airy like Maggies, bass is amazing...lots of tech...good pricing...good looking...meets your requirements.