Forego Line Conditioner for an Ayre CX-7?

Ayre recommends plugging their CX-7 player directly
into an outlet, not a line conditioner. Is this the status quo in the digital industry? Why do you think they recommend that plan of action?
Ayre is an exception to the status quo as are a few other mfg'ers.

The reason is because Ayre has attempted to address line-conditioning/filtering their own way. If I remember one of their older ads correct, they have what they call Ayre Conditioners that they apply to every one of their products. These mulitple Ayre Conditioners are strategically placed throughout the frequency spectrum.

Whether they accomplish what they intended to is up to the listener to decide.

But the general rule is never mix'n match line conditioners as you will not be impressed with the results.

I called them about this point. And, essentially, was told that they, along with other manufacturers such as Audio Research, lavish so much attention on power supply in their products that a line conditioner is not needed. They didn't get into the specifics that Stehno outlined previously.