Forced mod of Engergy V2.3 - suggestions?

I tipped over my Engergy veritas 2.3 speaker the other day and the mid cone now distorts. I called Energy and they no long have the parts. So now I need to have the speaker repaired, re coned or replaced with other speakers and maybe change the crossover. I enjoy the speakers. I would love them more if the high end was a bit more relaxed though. Any suggestions?

Audio Advisor is closing out an Energy Veritas 2.2 in-wall speaker at $299. Maybe the easiest thing would be to get one for parts.

Question: Is Klipsch shutting down its recently acquired API division? Athena is already gone, and I'm seeing Energy and Mirage speakers getting blown out all over the internet--when they're not already out of stock. Yet the Mirage website presently offers no clues.
thanks for the tip. Called them. they are sold out.

Try ABI Tech Services - they might be able to help. I know they repair Energy 22.

ABI Tech Services
06-25-09: Andyth
thanks for the tip. Called them. they are sold out.
Why not follow this link, add it to the cart, proceed through checkout, and see what happens? There might have been an overlap in inventory info when you called. Orders sometimes get canceled or returned.
thanks I'll look into abi tech services