Forced into Near Field Listening - which ProAc stand mount?

Recently moved into new digs, going from a far field listening position to one where furniture and room configuration dictate sitting much closer to speakers. Volume can't be anywhere near my old set-up, although I have a much more detailed presentation, and obviously less bottom end. My ProAc D-15's are now too much for the room - aesthetically and performance wise. I'm want to stay in the ProAc line - I'm thinking D-2's but what other ProAc monitors should I consider? Likely used, driven by YBA Passion integrated and Marantz SA-11s2. 
Go with the D48s They are the same width as the D2s and with the D2s on their stands the same height. The D48s have a better tweeter and will have lower distortion levels at any given volume. They are also not ported which I think is an advantage. The D20s are actually narrower than the D2s. But of all the speakers in the Response line the D48s are likely to sound the best. 
Tablettes or maybe the 1sc (not in current production) 
The Response DB1’s are very nice. I’ve had them for a year now and I’m very happy with them.  Very musical and sound good at modest volume. I usually listen in the 65 to 80 (max.) dB range. 

Downsized from the Response 5’s. Same house sound, but a bit more updated and refined. You probably can’t go wrong with the D2,s as well.