For VPI Unipivot Owners, do you use antiskating?

I have a Scout 1.1 with Ortofon 2M Black. Have always read that unipivot arms do not require antiskating. I don't use mine. Any opinions?
VPI doesn't believe in anti skating. They do give you a small amount of adjustment by winding the tonearm cable. They go over it in the owners manual.
My VPI table and most of the newer ones come with an anti-skating device that they used to offer as an option. Maybe they've decided to give in to popular demand.
VPI arms apparently don't need it, according to VPI, but other unipivot arms such as Graham and Basis do need it.
Mine is a VPI Sound, a custom hybrid of the Classic 2 and Classic 3. Although it shipped with the anti-skating device it has never been installed. I also use the tonearm cable to achieve what I think is a proper amount of anti-skate.