For Vandersteen owners & lovers: Which other brands do you like?

If you didn’t own Vandersteens, what would you own instead and why? Or, if you switched to another brand what did you choose?

First, let me say that I am a Vandersteen owner for 20+ years, now on my 2nd pair of the 2CE, the Signature III. I have owned other brands, and heard many others and even liked some. 😀 I don’t change gear frequently once I settle on something. Lazy & frugal = me.

I am on the verge of being on the verge of getting the Vandy Treo CT. I have auditioned them at length. I have also heard the Quatro CT and if budget allowed (including upgrading my front end) I would get them for sure. I’m not a fanboy—there is a reason why Vandersteen has sold something like 100K pairs of the 2CE. They sound very good and all of their models are a real bargain/value in their category, imo.

I have heard and liked, for different reasons, Maggies, Magicos, Harbeths, Focals, Linkwitz-Riley, and other brands. Others that I have not heard intrigue me too. I keep circling back to Vandys—maybe it’s what I have known the longest. I have flirted with the Larsen 8 or 9, which is a totally different design (AbSound has reviewed them well), and also the MBL 120 and 126 (omnidirectionals).

I know I could be happy for life with Vandersteens (Treo, Quatro, or dreaming—the Kento or 7). I am interested in detailed opinions of alternatives in the $10K range though. Thanks!


Uh, as a big Vandy fan I’d never point you in another direction as I find it highly unlikely you’ll find something that’ll unseat them. That said, if it was me and you have access to any of these other makes I’d highly recommend you listen to Joseph Audio, Usher, Boenicke, ProAc, Audio Physic, Reference 3a, and especially Verity Audio. Not saying any of them are “better” than Vandy, but those are the ones I’ve found that do many of the same things and certainly worth listening to if you can. Just my $0.02 FWIW.  B&W, uh, no. 


I heard the Josephs at the Seattle show recently and they sounded VERY nice. I'll look up the others...thanks.


OP- Thanks! I'm still a Vandy fan, just wanted something different currently. Completely understand why you want to stay with the brand. They are wonderful sounding speakers. In the end, all that matters is what makes each of us happy. 

Hope you find a good deal on the Treos or Quatros, they are worth waiting for.


Commercial speakers:

- Fritz

- Monitor Audio

- Sonus Faber Amati Heritage

Should say that in a hotel room, Vandersteen and Fritz always stand out as eminently listenable.