for those who popped for "Hi-Fi Tuning" fuses... which components did they seem to have the most effect - amp, preamp or CDP?

I meed to replace a fuse in an amp, and am considering ponying up for some of these uber-fuses, given glowing reports here & elsewhere.

Hi Triode- I've only ever used them in my JoLida 502B. I was suprised to hear an improvement - more detail & spaciousness, I'd say. I really didn't expect to be able to hear a change. Didn't think my system or ears were "resolving" enough. But I thought they did. Proof came when a tube went and took the HiFi fuse. I replaced with a cheap Radio Shack substitute until a replacement arrived. I heard the "loss" when running the RS replacement. It's a minimal investment given the dollars some have in their systems. Worth a try. The Cable Co. is running a special during the Christmas season (I don't work for the Cable Co. - they are just a convenient retailer for me). Search HiFi Tuning Fuses...there have been some recent threads on this topic.
Only tried them in my preamp but definitely worth it.
The differences were heard in all components, but this is what I found in order of impact:
1. Amp (Cary v12i)
2. Preamp (Cary SLP98F1)
3. CD Shanling t-100
Couldn't find a fuse in my VPI Table :^D

Like Ghosthouse, you can really tell when you take them out!
IMHO, worth the dough.
Definitely worth their overpriced cost. Noticed a significant benefit in my McIntosh Preamp and Amp.
You guys are nuts? Right? A fuse is a connection so why not replace it with the proper breaker and be done with it. #1 it's a better connection (all solid) and #2 you can reset it instead of getting ripped off again.