For those that have separate Streamers & DACS

What are some of your favorite streamers/servers strictly from a sound quality perspective?  Please assume a stand-alone DAC.  I've read such a variety of opinions on streamers and was interested in opinions from those that have tried different streamers on with their DACs.  


Another vote for Aurender. I highly recommend their outstanding streamers for sound and build quality. Their proprietary Conductor app is robust and without the complexities of Roon. I have access to both Roon and Conductor apps and find myself using Conductor more often than Roon.,

by reputation:




aurender (already mentioned)

sonore (i use the optical rendu and roon)


ifi zenstream is recent candidate for high value solution...



For servers, no rendering except for those with optimized usb, I2S or SPDIF ports, meaning no direct connection to motherboard and isolated power supply. Also like servers with two network ports such as Antipodes or custom atx builds.


Streamers, large variety of good ones, this is where to do the rendering. Personally, I prefer optical post server, Sonore OpticalRendu with quality external lps or Signature SE with built in lps.

we have tried most of the major players auraylic aurender innous


sotm memory player baetis now 432evo


the innous sounded far better Then aurender and auralic the evos sounded even better and are 100 percent modular and upgradeable


The Evos run roon in a novel way by utilizing separate cores of the cpu for independent Roon operations one core runs Roo. while another runs backend processes while another core addresses file retrieval,

their founder and lead engineer is a very senior level Linux programmer

when Roon. is implemented this way Roon can offer superior sound quality


wedid a shootout of our 7500 Aeon vs a well known competitor whose server with upgraded power supply is 22kand the Aeon soundedjust as good

Dave and Troy

Audio intellect nj

US importer 432EVO