For those of you with power problems....

That's hilarious!
If you think that's funny, check out his feedback. He actually sold one of these.

Check out this one:
Awe. I was hoping that it would be a huge round half-dome nuclear power plant with lots of hot urinium rods like the one in Chernobyl, not just some of your ordinary power plant.

Such power plant is only sufficient for my amp to drive 3 speakers. I still need more juice for the rest of the 5.1 setup.
Looking at the cooling towers, I would say that this is a nuke.
Elgordo - Same sort of cooling towers are used for combined cycle natural gas fired plants as well as coal plants (though I might be mistaken on the latter). They always showed the cooling towers at Three Mile Island because they are much more dramatic than the reactor so people often associate them with nukes.

Anyway, the auction copy specifies fossil fuel. A nuke would probably be a more stable/reliable power supply - aside from periodic refueling (or disaster), tends to run more consistently.
I seem to recall that B&W speakers are more reliable than B&W (Babcock & Willcox) reactors. Anyway, I've got to make sure that this reactor has cryo treated outlets before I place my bid.