For those of you that love Brazilian music...

... try Morelenbaum/Sakamoto: Casa, on Sony. They're a trio; Paula Morelenbaum is the vocalist. She has absolutely the sweetest voice I've ever heard. Her husband Jaques Morelenbaum is a wonderful violinist, and Ryuichi Sakamoto is a very prominent pianist. Together, they make some of the most hypnotic music I've ever heard.
I just bought Casa, Day in New York, and Ryuichi Sakamoto's Film Music on Heheh.
This is pretty old, but if you haven't heard Charlie Byrd's "Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros" it's a must have. It's been reissued as A K2 and sounds fabulous as well as having fabulous music.

Thanks for the thread about the Casa CD.

The album is extraordinary. I don't know what's better, the sonics, the performances, or the compositions. I played it about five times a week for the first six months I owned it.

The follow-up Day in New York is not as magical, but is a fine album (and it was recorded in DSD).

In summary, one of the top five redbook CD's I have heard.

PS - Since we're on the topic, Keith Richards' "Main Offender" CD from 1992 is about as good as rock CD's get for sonics.
Sakamoto and the Morelenbaums recorded "Casa: Tribute To Jobim" in Jobim's house, on Jobim's piano. They later expanded the idea to include Joao Gilberto and others of the ilk on "Day In New York".

For a contemporary, equally tasty slice of Brazil try Vinicius Cantuaria.

I received Casa and have been playing it almost continuously since. I totally agree with Dearings assessment of this CD. Just fantastic in all regards. I had no idea Sakamoto could play the piano with such touch and emotion.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful discovery!