For those of you that love Brazilian music...

... try Morelenbaum/Sakamoto: Casa, on Sony. They're a trio; Paula Morelenbaum is the vocalist. She has absolutely the sweetest voice I've ever heard. Her husband Jaques Morelenbaum is a wonderful violinist, and Ryuichi Sakamoto is a very prominent pianist. Together, they make some of the most hypnotic music I've ever heard.
Thanks for the heads up!

Ryuichi Sakamoto doing Brazilian music? Are these older Bossa Nova tunes like those by Jobim or newer stuff?

I'll definitely look into it. Thanks!
On the same note, Gary Mulligan has a very good album named "Paradiso" on Telarc records. First rate
Sakamoto is intriguing now indeed!

My favourite so far Rhythmstick...
Featuring Airto, Flora Purim, Dizzie Gillaspie, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker and other ultra-famous fussion and jazz artists.
I just bought Casa, Day in New York, and Ryuichi Sakamoto's Film Music on Heheh.
This is pretty old, but if you haven't heard Charlie Byrd's "Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros" it's a must have. It's been reissued as A K2 and sounds fabulous as well as having fabulous music.

Thanks for the thread about the Casa CD.

The album is extraordinary. I don't know what's better, the sonics, the performances, or the compositions. I played it about five times a week for the first six months I owned it.

The follow-up Day in New York is not as magical, but is a fine album (and it was recorded in DSD).

In summary, one of the top five redbook CD's I have heard.

PS - Since we're on the topic, Keith Richards' "Main Offender" CD from 1992 is about as good as rock CD's get for sonics.
Sakamoto and the Morelenbaums recorded "Casa: Tribute To Jobim" in Jobim's house, on Jobim's piano. They later expanded the idea to include Joao Gilberto and others of the ilk on "Day In New York".

For a contemporary, equally tasty slice of Brazil try Vinicius Cantuaria.

I received Casa and have been playing it almost continuously since. I totally agree with Dearings assessment of this CD. Just fantastic in all regards. I had no idea Sakamoto could play the piano with such touch and emotion.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful discovery!
Azymuth - Outubro(1980),that great brazilian jazz-fusion with the fender rhodes keyboard on this landmark album.