For those of us over 60..

What band's output would you say best describes you/your life as you see it?

For me, Allman Brothers
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To the OP’s intended point, my answer is one word:


So many other great bands and artists, that you all mentioned and in  such a diversity of genres. Our generation truly did produce some great stuff, that, in a way, describes us as a generation...Jim
Leonard Cohen, Ry Cooder, Leonard Cohen, Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin and Leonard Cohen. 
Give me the Grateful Dead & Jimi Hendrix and a remote island, I'll be happy.

Van Morrison, James Taylor, and the Allman Bros. would be nice additions to take to the island. 

What roped me in was Donovan and Lovin' Spoonful. Hearing much of their early stuff (thinking summer of '66) triggers a mental snapshot of my life, then to now as if to function as a containment boom with new sections continually added on. Just a different version of where you've been/where are you going analysis.