For those familiar with the original AR9 and tubes

I'm considering (it's actually on the way) driving them with an SET 845 tube amp at 18-22 wpc. Currently running Adcom 565 monos; incredible bottom end, too much in fact. Mids and highs very clear but shrill. Hard for me to articulate the impression. Listening fatigue sometimes but, not always, seems to depend on the source. Room is 3024 cu. ft. with an open side of the long axis. Less than average reflection. My expectation is that I will bi-amp with a ss on the bottom end and eventually change to a tube application. Thoughts, considerations, and for those who really know, any recommendations?
Try this web-site, as it is a web-site for classic AR speakers. I am more familiar with the AR5 and am now running the current day (1995) versions of them (AR302). I am using a tube integrated amp (Prima Luna Prologue 2). My listening room is 1/10 the size of your room and it takes very little volume to get the speakers to play at a decent level. Here's the web-site ...

Regards, Rich
I had AR-9 speakers for years up till just a few months ago,now I use Electrosat Hybrids. I never thought SET's could work on such a power mad speaker, even if you Bi-Amp, wont you still have too much bottom end? Will amp balance be an issue do you think?
I love those AR-9's they just did so much really well, not the best...but so strong in so mant areas it is still a great speaker compared to most sub2k speakers I see today.
Yes, I have the same concern and as the expression goes; I'm fishing in deep water. I'm planning on moving some amps around. I have a Yamaha M80 on my 250ti's that I will move to the ARs due to less power and the M80 has individual gains. Though it didn't do well on the 9's initially, I'm hopping that in a bi-amp config it will provide better performance but at the same time provide a better chance at balance. I will find out soon enough. Thanks for the feedback, I was beginning to hear crickets. The thread before yours recommended the a good site, one I'm a member of but, it just slipped my mind, I have been so focused the SET lately. Some feedback on tubes on the 90s but, nothing yet on the 9's. Thanks again.
maybe try to ask member SEAN about the in's and out's....he has a pair of AR9'S and has alot of knowledge, just wear a helmet when you talk to him, he pulls no punches, good luck in your pursute and let us know what happens! a side note the speakers I now use that replaced the AR'S is even more of a challenge for tubes so I went the tube pre-amp option, maybe that might help you of both worlds ehhhh? 9's are among the most legendary of all loudspeakers.....if you want maximum performance(the speakers never fatigue), you are going to need adequate power. a push-pull tube design with at least 75w or ss powerhouse is essential. they are not picky as long as they get pwer
This is an old thread, but... I have had my AR9's since I bought new in 1982. I used to drive them with a Yamaha M-2, then a M-80. I have gone to a Canary Audio CA-301 mkii 22w 300b tube amplifier. Much better sound and never any lack of power... deep controlled bass, beautify mid and high.

I also use Synergistic Research Resolution Ref cables... wonderful upgrade to sound.