For the same $, should I go integrated or power?

I have a DAC, my question is, at the $300-$500 range, would it be better to go DAC -> Power Amp or buy a integrated amp and go DAC-> Integrated.

Power amp, providing your DAC provides adequate preamp capability.

Check out the Emotiva USP-1 if you need a preamp...

Power amp:

Details would help. What DAC? The output impedance of the DAC will be important.

What speakers? Any amp purchase should focus on an amp that is a good match for the speakers you have.

Absent any of those details, I'd recommend an integrated like the TBI Millenia, if your speakers are efficient enough for them. Check out this recent review:
Which DAC do you have? Not all volume controls are created equally. Some cut bits and some don't. If you're DAC has a volume control, you may be able to get away with running it straight to an amp, but check the impedance specs on the equipment.