For the rest of my life Ypsilon or Luxman?

Looking for a pair mono amps that I can be happy with...well forever.
Thinking of the Aelius ll or the M900U. Don't have the real estate for anything larger.
Have a terrific stereo amp but want a deeper more holographic soundstage and more transparency with the qualities of the best of SS and tube.
I listen to a lot of early twentieth century orchestral(Mahler, Sibelius), baroque(Handel, Corelli) classic jazz from the 50s and 60s and classic rock from the 60s and 70s. Also have found that vinyl takes singers like Frank, Sarah and Ella to another higher level.
In my area it's very hard to audition these two brands and if anybody is familiar with their characteristics and attributes and these two models especially I'd very much like to hear your thoughts and opinions.
Thanks for your help.
I apologize if you want opinions only on these 2 amps.  I have not sat in front of these...  but for my buck,  I really loved the Ampzilla 2000 Second Edition... These amps will drive anything and have that Odd flavor of being very tube like in their midrange presentation with the benefits of the solid state extension on both ends.  These amps will compete with any other amp at any price.  In the End, it will depend on your personal preference. 
Coda has a pair of S250 on Ebay.... $28,000
These are the best amps that Coda has ever produced... Worth looking into.
Thanks for your suggestions!