for speakers b&w704

hi everyone i m new here i m from israel i m new in sounds busines my english not so well but my friend say to me that its agood forum . so thanks to get me in .
im very confused about what will be more good quality and good for my speakers i bought b&w 704 i have 3 option i wanna know what is the best option to good stereo sound ?

1.amp integreted of musical fidelity a5.5
2.arcam integreted a38 or another model
3.pre of XINDAK XA 3200 SMKII + power of ADVANCE ACOUSTIC MAA 406

i m will be glad to serioues opinion about the 3 options i m write and pls if u have another option to suggest me in this price i will be glad .
anyway in israel the prices is very expensive bcz the taxes its about *2/2.5 multiplay price from another places like usa or europe . and in ebay its only ship to usa and the deliver and taxes to isreal not worth it
so pls explain and help me what is the best of sounds from the 3 options i write ?

thanks and bye hope to hear from u soon
pls help me i need advice
I don't have your speakers, but auditioned them once driven at the dealer by NAD C372 integrated and they matched well. The dealer also had higher end B&W's driven by Classe which was outstanding. Might want to check here on A'gon under member systems, type in B&W and see what folks are using.
There are also a number of B&W 704 discussion threads ,if you haven't checked them out ,just type in B&W 704 in theblank box on the main discussion thread page - might find some system matching advice in them
I second Facten's recommendation on the Classe. You can try the Classe CAP-151 integrated.

Out of your 3 options, I would think your best bet would be either the Musical Fidelity or Arcam. The A38 is a fine piece and should be able to drive the 704 with ease. I am not familiar with your 3rd option.

Good luck.