for SF Extrema :pass 350 or ml 336?

which amp is a better match for the extrema?
(if you have another optaion let me know)
Hello Terry,

My recomendation goes for Jeff Rowland 8Ti/HC or GOLDMUND 29+

Good luck,Tommy
the extrema with rowland 8ti,incredible synergy.the best sound i ever got from the SF extremas.good luck,JOSE.
Overall, I think the Pass 350 is a little more refined sounding than what I hear from the Levinson. I've heard the Pass X150 w/Electa Amators...This sounds quite good! Extremas should sound at least as good or better with the better X350. SF speakers definitely seem to fair better with great solid state gear...I think you'll not be dissapointed with the pass
I use the McCormack DNA-2 that has the SMC revision A.This combo is a great match.Power and musicality.I tried the Levinson and did not like it. Have not heard the Pass
I've heard the Extremas with VTL 450 monoblocs and a CAT Signature preamp. Lots of control and a very nice presentation over the two hours I listened.

Get the Levinson 336 Amp. My friend has it. That Amp sounds so smooth and sweet. He's using BW Nautilus 802 speakers
golmund 29M OR jeff s 112