For Rasberry PI -

I was discussing about Rasberry PI with a colleague who suggested I should look into Volumio.
Did not find threads on this forum for this and hence decided to create one. Some of you might be using a Rasberry PI but may not be aware of this.

Similar thread started on audioasylum, just in case there are different members on that forum.
Thanks for the info. As a Linux enthusiast I've been wanting to get a Raspberry Pi to play with. This little project sounds interesting, though it seems like it's still in its infancy.

The real question is what does this buy us over an iPod or Squeezebox (albeit discontinued -- why?!!!)? In fact, I run Logitech Media Server on a Linux server to power my Squeezeboxes (one for each room, including the garage).

I think this needs to be productized in a slick package that's expandable and networkable with multiple other devices to gain some traction in the market. The Squeezebox products I think had the right idea, offering various levels of audiophile quality for different purposes (big rig vs garage, for instance) but all able to hook to the same music repository.

Seems like a great project. Does it support exfat?