? for past and present Elrod statement users

I would like to get opinions from those who have actually used the Elrod Statements. I have in place several Statements now and like them very much in their current positions. I will be purchasing several additional power cords and I would like to get "Statement" performance without the bulk and inflexibility if possible (I have a small listening room which probably can not accomodate any more Statements.) In the past and IMS I found the Statements superior ( more weight, body, air) to the Elrod Sigs, Shunyata Anacondas, and NBS cords. The cords would be for power conditioners and digital. The price can be the same or less.

System: EMMLAB digital, Audionote M-10 preamp, 45 tubr monoblocks actively biamping SAP hybrid horn speakers.

Thank you for your time and comments,

reg...i too have a statement that is a superb pc. i recently..just this week..auditioned the new pranawire 'samadhi' pc for my goldmund amp and powerwing powerconditioner.it is as good as the elrod..imo...and is much more flexible and not nearly as large.it also comes with 3 different..i believe..oyaide terminations that allow one to taylor the presentation..not coloring...to ones' liking.you can audition them by emailing alan kafton..the us dealer..at audioexcellenceaz.com.the elrod cords are great and i am keeping the one i have but am buying probably 2 more...i believe these 2 cords are the best available although there are pcs that are great at a price point lower then the samadhi/ elrod but not as good at what they do for ones' system.
I use a big statement on my amp - I have had great results with Cardas PCs on digital gear. The Cardas cables are not flexibility kings, but they certainly are more user friendly than the Elrod Statement, which I love nonetheless.