For organ afficianados

Fellow Organ music fans - - I just wanted to share with you that if you love organ you must buy the new CD from Dorian titled "Magic." It was just written up in The Absolute Sound. I immediately bought it just because I buy any recording I can get of the Wanamaker Organ - there are very few (for those that may not know it is the largest playing organ in the world). But Holy Cow, this is an AWESOME recording. Like the other Dorian titles (Gillou's Pictures...) it is a prize winner, and all the Bass information is left in. My REL is very happy! But the CD truly captures the beauty of this instrument and the immense size of the store, and also contains a very informative booklet of the whole project and organ. (BTW, the organ is now 75% working and that 75% has been completely voiced and restored. Also, the old velvet curtains have been removed and some of the old retail space has been covered in glass. The space is now like a cathedral - awesome acoustics.) Dorian recorded it in DSD as well, though SACD version is not yet available for some reason (I sent them an email asking why). Anyway, this disk is so good I am buying extra copies to send to freinds and family. Go get one! You can get it from their web site or music direct.
Thanks for the tip, Jimmy. I love good organ recordings, and will definitely add this one to my collection. To return your favor, there is an organ recording on LP done about 20 years by Mark Wilson on his Wilson Audio label. The recording features the wonderful Flentrop organ in St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle, WA, which is one of the largest Flentrops ever built, with true low frequency reproduction to 16 Hz. The LP has long been out of print, but if you can find it, buy it. If you can't find the LP, I'd be glad to make a CD copy for you from my LP (which is in near-mint condition).
Jimmy, I occasionally enjoy well recorded organ music, and look forward to getting this one in particular. My Great Aunt, Mary Vogt, was the second organist for the Wannamaker Organ between the years of 1917 - 1966. I have a vivid recollection as a young boy sitting with my Aunt at the console while she played during the Christmas season, somtime in the early 60s.
Tom, I'm jealous! The booklet actually talks about your Aunt a bit. One of my dreams is to some day sit there and play "Come, Sweet Death" a la Virgil Fox in his famous 1939 performance. There is a later recording of it (BTW, that is also available on another label CD - I have it, the recording is not great, but still enjoyable for the performance aspect (Bainbridge BCD201)).

For those interested - I just realized I made an error - the review of this CD was not in TAS but in The Audiophile Voice. Sorry for the mix up.
Tom, I know this is an old thread, but if you would help me out it would be appreciated. Your great aunt was talked about in a chapter of Virgil Fox's biography, "The Dish". I know she served Wanamaker's as organist from 1917 to 1966, yet it is very difficult to find biographical information about her. She sounds like she was a fascinating lady. If you don't mind answering, how many years did she continue to live after retiring from Wanamaker's?
Gosh I probably heard her as a kid. It was always a treat, going to all those great Department stores on Market St. during the Christmas season with my Mom. I certainly remember that organ playing from those days, it was MOST impressive.