For older guys

On a recent Good Will LP foraging trip, I came across a Perry Como album new still in wrap .
Now, I never cared about Perry as a kid growing up but I had had a very beloved aunt
who adored him, and in her honor bought the album .

Spun it today and ,through the tears for my aunt, I saw why she adored him.
What I took for a sap when I was a kid had changed into a master of what
he did , perfect phrasing and timing , he just made his art, and art it was, seem easy and I was the sap.

Another guy similar to Perry Como was Andy Williams, who made some music I really like. They both had songs by the best writers around at the time. Andy's "Can't Get Used To Loosing You" and "Moon River" (written by Henry Mancini, of course) are fantastic. Each also had his own variety TV show, watched by pretty much all families in the U.S.
I thought this thread was intended for old guys, not dead guys. Hel-loo!


I’m in mid-40’s and pulled out the same way lots of great classics for half-buck. Built a great shelf of 50’s accordion jazz with Art Van Damme, Yivette Horner, Frank Marocco, Johnny Meijer.

As to Mr Relaxation, I’d probably face risk to loose my endurance and fall asleep.:)

As you have proved hundreds of times, thinking is just not something you are any good at .