For lovers of the 1961 West Side Story soundtrack lp.

I didn't know where to ask this so I'm asking it here for vinyl fans who love this soundtrack and might have answers,

I see that there are 3 vinyl editions of this soundtrack being sold on Amazon.

The first one is a reproduction of the original lp put out by Sony.

The second is a two lp set which appears to have the expanded cd contents on two lps also put out by Sony. The timing is about the same.

However what is really confusing is that there is another 2 lp version of the soundtrack put out by Music on Vinyl which is more than twice as expensive as the Sony 2 lp set. Does anyone know why? Is there more music? Is the vinyl a better quality?

Of course the Amazon descriptions are as is too frequently the case unhelpful as are the reviews.

Anybody know about this? Anybody have either of these 2 lp gatefolds and know what they contain?

Music on Vinyl says this on their website '

  • Includes four tracks, previously unreleased on vinyl: “Overture”, “Intermission Music”, “Finale” and “End Credits”

The key words are 'on vinyl.' Weren't they included on the expanded cd? Which would mean they are also on the SONY 2 lp set.

I have misplaced my cd and haven't heard it in many years so I can't reference it.

Any help would be appreciated as I'm trying to decide between the two. Thank you.



Get the real deal- the period mono for cheap

At those prices, you could get a couple. Good chance it will sound  more convincing than those reissues.

For sure tablejockey, the OP can get a much better selection and credits at Discogs.

For WSS please also consider the 2009 New Broadway Cast WSS tracks The original 1957 Bernstein Conducts WSS ain’t too shabby either. For covers I like 1996 Richie Cole Plays WSS, 1992 Bayless Meers Bernstein and 1997 Dave Grusin Presents WSS.

I personally would not pay for a mono. It was mastered in stereo and we had a stereo console during that "period."

My Original Broadway Cast CD is slightly Columbia Records trebly & compressed but it is spacious, 3d and clean. And oh yeah, I totally love the soundtrack of the recent Stephen Spielberg feature release. It's on Qobuz. Gustavo Dudamel gives Lenny (who's uncredited on my CD) a serious run for his money with the baton. Sound is multi-miked but done with panache. Fine singing. No shortage of drama or excitement.

'The recent film was a surprise for me. Much better than I expected and I thought musically wonderful.

I prefer the original Broadway cast version from 1957 to the film soundtrack from 1961 - far better performances all around.  If you can find it, this version is absolutely stellar:


For lovers of WSS AND Jazz-

Oscar Peterson Trio

I have the mono version. A great album to spend and evening with. You can envision  scenes from the movie while Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen fill your room with beautiful music.