for Los Angeles can anyone recommend someone to hire install phono cartridge


can anyone recommend someone to hire to install a phono cartridge in Los Angeles area

I have a lyra kleos currently installed but almost time to buy install new cartridge been thinking about lyra etna or ortofon a95.

ideally someone who makes house calls to install because my TT is a  idler wheel Lenco with heavy plinth and origin live illustrious tonearm

my lyra was installed by friend but he is not really an expert and dont want to impose.

dealers I know bought equipment from in the past dont sell nor install cartridges


Brooks and Berdan, or Brian Berdan.
Brian Berdan at Audio Elements in Pasadena is the man. He was trained by his legendary turntable set-up man Pa, the late Brooks Berdan. The above post is confused; Brooks’ shop---Brooks Berdan Ltd. in Monrovia, is now managed by his widow Sheila Berdan. But Brooks’ and Sheila’s son---the aforementioned Brian, has his own shop in Pasadena. He knows everything there is to know about tables, arms, and cartridges. Amps, speakers, and digital, too!
Contact Elliot at Acoustic Image. He's a master a turntable set up and is excellent in customer service 
thanks for advice but does anyone know someone who i can pay to make a house calls and wont expect me to buy the cartridge from them
Why not call Brian or Elliot (or both) and ask them? They’re both very nice guys, no reason to feel intimidated. I know Brian will charge you for his time, no need to buy anything to have him set up your table/arm/cartridge.
Call Brian Berdan at Audio Elements in Pasadena. He is a great guy with much knowledge and great skills. I frequent his shop quite a bit and they are always helpful.
My first visit to Audio Elements yesterday impressed me with the number and variety of turntables on display.  They'd be at the top of my list for turntable help.
Jay Nakamura. Randy Cooley at Optimal Enchantment can put you in touch with him. 
you have been given 3 great names !
you have been given 3 great names !
Hey saburo. I remember Jay Nakamura from my days working at Sound Factor in Santa Monica. I thought he was one of the best TT guys I knew in the LA area. Is he still in business or just working on the side having fun.

Are you asking because you don’t know how to set up a cartridge at all? Or are you asking because you want it fussed over until it is perfect?

With the Lenco you will need a stylus pressure guage. You will need a protractor to set alignment correctly. I have both of these although a protractor is something you can easily print out (make sure it is at correct scale!). I don’t know about your arm but you will need azimuth adjusted along with VTA if your arm has the ability to do this. I live in Redondo beach and work in Santa Monica. I’m not a professional at all - just an enthusiast. But if you’re close by I might come and help you out - no need for payment. PM me if you want my help.
I have the Feickert Protractor, Adjust + and Fozgometer that can help you get the best alignment for your cartridge.  Not a professional - best if you know how to adjust/work your tonearm.  I am in Pasadena, but only available on weekends and after the 24th.  PM me if interested - like matteos, no need for payment.
I had a nice long chat during my first visit to Brooks Berdan Ltd in Monrovia today.  They have great expertise and a lot of experience with turntable setup.  Another terrific go-to shop for your phono needs.
Great to hear, James! Brooks was my dealer from the mid-80's until his death in 2011. As mentioned above, his and Sheila Berdan's son (who was trained by Brooks) branched out with his own shop in nearby Pasadena, and Sheila took over management of BB Ltd. in Monrovia. Both great shops! 
Thanks for all the input and especially those local offered to help me with cartridge install.  I have yet to buy a new cartridge as one of my powered speaker woofer amps broke and wont be back till june.  I was going to upgrade my cartridge but now best to wait.  

I live in atwater village near glendale so not far from member RDK.


great thread, shows to power of a helpful online community
One thing I have found with all the many in-store experts I have dealt with is that even the so-called turntable specialist will sell you the wrong belts for your rig, all representations of knowledgeability to the contrary.  Typical high end?