For inside pix of Onkyo DV-SP1000 universal.....

Just out of curiosity for those who want to see the internals of this player go to and to their dvd players(sacd),choose the Onkyo 1000, pick detailed photos! Pretty impressive and no wasted space!
It weighs 34 lbs in the shipping carton and 27-28 for just the player on my scale.
I have seen nothing whith this build quality for the asking price or a ways above it.

No wasted space? Where do you put the mods then?


Aaron... I doubt most owners of the sp 1000 will require modding as its quite musical and balanced in stock form.

Its actually almost shocking how good the sonics are from a 2k list universal.
If somone wanted to mod one, it could and will be done though, but will be a bit more challenging and most likely require a lot less modding than a Denon player, which require mods for every model I have heard from the get go.