for best lp sound, Kondo or Shindo?

i have all tube system with 2 tables. Looking for the best preamp with phono that will run .15mv MC and be dead quite and got lots of air and resolution and weight for my beloved cello and violins and horns. mostly into classical and small jazz.

but i have tube amps that need 3-4 volts from preamp to really sing. so can u give me some suggestions. cant audition everything. thx
You may be better served with the Shindo. I have heard them in a demo with various step-up transformers from Shindo and Auditorium 23 and is was vary quiet and musical.

The advantage of the Shindo other than cost options are the Shindo's can have two table patched in at eh same time and the flick of a switch can switch between MC and MM with a tranny.

Shindo has many price points but I think the versions above the Monbrison allow for the gain that you need for your amp because they are transformer coupled. You would need to confirm that with your dealer or thw importer.

darTZeel NHB-18NS. You can get it configured with multiple phono sections and low uotput carts are no problem. This is the best linestage / phonostage I have ever heard or sold.
Second the Shindo as well. Truly breathtaking at any of the price points/levels of pre. The Dart is supposed to be good as well, but haven't heard it yet.
I heard the Dartzeel and thought it was very mediocre despite the reviews and promotion. I just don't get why someone would want transistors when tubes sound so much better.
Tubegarden: Where did you hear the darTZeel that left you with that impression?

I have heard the Shindo pre's and would recommend them if you like what they sound like. I would recommend you go and listen for yourself. The products are built well and well supported if bought from a dealer of Shindo, which there are more than enough across the US to demo.

These forums are great to exchange opinions but that is all they are, YOU need to listen for yourself.

BTW the Shindo table is fantastic.

You're implying that the Shindo preamps have a sound. Care to elaborate?
HI Owl

Every component has "ITS" own sound. What ever neutral is I do not know.
They sound good to me do thing right across the requencies with good tone and texture which are thing I tend to like more now than say ultra hi definition setup, where everything in the soundstage id defined and details that are never ending down to the guy scratching his head in the audience, if you know what I mean.

I heard the system with the Shindo Garrard in a full Shindo system.
Hi, I just came across this thread as I like to read about wonderfully made Valve electronics, I am not sure why the darTZeel NHB-18NS was included with these two master valve amplifier designers?

The sound of the Shindo preamps is closer to live music than anything I have ever heard. I have the entry level Shindo Augeres with a mm phonostage so you would need a stepup transformer for your cartridge but this preamp is stunning